Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Little Naughty

(Side note - I wonder what my Google searches will look like with that post title?)

My father is sad. He says he has been “replaced by something naughty” - this:

Pencil Roving Skeined 1

My new niddy noddy. (It’s got some of the pencil roving I’ve been spinning ever so slowly on it right now.) It came with was ordered at the same time as a new ball winder from the Woolery because I was sick of winding yarn by hand. The yarn for the Cabletini socks he was good enough to hold for me while I wound it off into two (relatively) equal balls, one for each sock. He said that he used to act as a swift for his mom, too, and so didn’t mind helping me out also.

But, I guess I wanted the process to move faster (or to have my arms ache less afterwards) and so I bought tools for the job. Yay!

Pencil Roving Skeined 2