Sunday, January 28, 2007

Week 4

Week 4 ~ Jan 22-28, 2007

This Present Darkness

by Frank E. Peretti
(Christian fiction)

Normally I avoid Christian fiction. I have read some well-received Christian novels in the past, and felt them to be too preachy, as if the authors felt they had to show how pious or prayerful they were. As a Christian myself (though one whose beliefs are less - shall we say - strict than those who gave me the other books) I felt like those authors were preaching to the choir. So I was a little leery when my boyfriend recommended Peretti.

However, I needn't have worried. Yes, prayer and God were prevalent in the book. It wouldn't really have been a Christian novel if they weren't. But it was prayer as a part of certain characters' personality and beliefs. Prayer for the sake of other characters, not because the reader necessarily needed saving. Many times, it felt as if I was reading one of the paranormal books I'm fond of, only instead of good magic vs. bad magic, you have good spirits vs. bad. Instead of normal humans fighting off magic-induced possession, the possession is demonic. It often read very like a religious-based paranormal book, and I enjoyed it very much.

One thing that I found especially appropriate was the way swearing was handled. Some of the characters swore. They are humans, and humans do that. But the profanity wasn't actually written in the book, just spoken of. It was well done, and it took me a little while before I even realized it.

People who are anti-Christian will probably not appreciate this book. But for those who are Christian, or who are willing to give something different a try, this might be a good one to pick up.