Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One Trumpeter Trumpeting

Or... at least, the start of one Dashing Mitt so that the trumpeter can trumpet without freezing his fingers.

Dashing 01

This is the WIP for today, the mitts I started yesterday for my Bro-in-Law. I'm using Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Denim, and the yarn is softer than I remember from last time I knit with it. (That was for M's scarf last Christmas.) I hope the yarn will stay nice for mitts. Mitts get different wear than scarves do.

Anyway, I am surprised at how quickly this is knitting up. Probably because last time I knit fingerless gloves I used sock yarn, and they seemed to take forever. Worsted weight yarn is much quicker to knit.

Dashing 02

So, I guess I'm doing Christmas knits this year (in addition to the crocheted snowflakes) after all. I wish I'd decided that with more than two weeks to go before Christmas...

(Sorry about the blurry photos. The camera phone decided to focus on the tree and not the mitt. Oh - and this is the tree at work. We've been too busy with theatre to decorate our house just yet. *sigh*)