Monday, December 10, 2007

Snow on my Pillow

Just a quick post today, but here are three more completed snowflakes to show off!

2007 Snowflakes 12

These were starched over the weekend, and are now in the pile waiting for me to figure out who gets which one. (It will likely all be fairly random. But bead color will play into it a little. They are all beaded, though it is a little hard to tell in the photos.)

I have mailed out the snowflakes to Jess and Brigitte, who won my contest, and so hopefully those will arrive soon and unharmed. (There’s cardboard in the envelopes to help protect them, but you never know what stupid people will decide to do… Cross your fingers.)

2007 Snowflakes 13

2007 Snowflakes 14

2007 Snowflakes 15