Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weeks 48-49 ~ Runesword series

Week 48-49 ~ Nov 26-Dec 9, 2007

Runesword series

by various authors

(First of all, I am combining 2 weeks because I'm reviewing a 6 book series. They are short books, but still. That's a lot of books for one week.)

1. Outcasts by Clayton Emery
2. Skryling's Blade by Rose Estes & Tom Wham
3. The Dreamstone by J.F. Rivkin
4. Horrible Humes by Stephen Billias
5. Dark Divide by Mark Acres
6. The Stone of Time by Rose Estes & Tom Wham

This is a series that I read for the first time in the early '90's. I was quite amused by them, but my reading expectations were quite different then than they are now. So, I decided to pick them back up again and see what I thought now. (This involved a good deal of hunting, but long story short, I now own them all again.)

And I discovered that they are enjoyable, as I remembered them being, but the stories do have some significant gaps. These are not "great fiction" by any stretch. However, they are fun reads. They seem styled for teens, and since that's what I was when I first read them, I guess my enjoyment level makes sense for the timing.

Best of the series (IMO): #5. It had the best motivation for the characters, and the most development. The plot was solid, too. (Others had decent plots, but this had more of the development part.)

Worst of the series (IMO, again): #4. This one felt like it was written without the author having read the rest of the series, just a summary of the previous plots. It had a totally different (and, to my mind, incompatible) style of writing, and the feel was just awkward in comparison. My main curiosity is how I would have felt if this one had been the first book with the character introductions - would I have liked it any better?