Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Around The Blog ~*~ 2.27.07

Life is good, there’s a light dusting of snow on the hills, and I’ve spent the weekend happily eating Chinese New Year treats. (Okay, so we were a bit late. It took me that much time to get up the nerve to try to cook the dessert that had “add water until it looks like a rat’s tail” as the crucial part of the instructions.) And here’s what’s happening in the blogworld…

S. William has posted a Harry Potter spoiler. Charlie is really Captain Jean-Luc Picard. Paperback Writer is home again, and being bold. Phoenix is apparently busy, and needs prodding. The lady of the Invisible Crystalline Cave is looking at the beauty around her, and having issues with Blogger.

The guinea pigs have a new food dish. Mim has a new look, but is in pain. Nerd Knits is knitting sleeves. Kait is going to Hawaii (take me with you!). Holly Lisle has been doing a type-in edit since before dawn, but is happy. Hanna is reviewing movies and watching Heroes.

And what about me? I’m trying to figure out what to work on of my own, and editing AD for Phoenix, when I can find the time. I’ve still been spending a lot of time with M that I would otherwise have spent writing. But it makes me happy, so I’m not complaining. I just need to work on the balance a little more. I think one of the biggest problems as far as that goes is the half-hour-each-way drive needed to go see him. (Or to go to work. Same general location for both - which is convenient, but makes writing at home on my own computer difficult.) However, moving at the moment is not an option, nor a preferred choice, so I’ll have to make do for a bit.