Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Speaking Eels at Map's End

That title will probably make no sense to any of you. Even if you click on this link and go to “Where the Map Ends” and check out the Random Story Generator. Because it’s random. And so my story isn’t the same as the story you will see if you visit.

Just so that you don’t think I’m totally insane (even though I might be), here is my random story:

This is an epic fantasy story about a pretender who wants to find his/her place in the world but is prevented from doing so by guilt bent on tricking people out of their inheritance. God has designs on our hero, however. He wants to teach him/her that the self-punishment must end, a lesson he/she resists. In the end, through our hero’s sense of humor and the intervention of speaking eels, the cost of living goes way down.

See? Speaking eels.

Anyway, this is Day Two of the CSFF Blog Tour featuring Where the Map Ends.com. Yesterday we looked at a book list, and today we’re going to try to make our own book to add to that list.

So, we have a story idea featuring a con-artist, God, and speaking eels. What’s next, you ask?

Next would be the nice collection of Tools For Writers which Jeff (the site author) has compiled. Included in these tools are things that apply to all writers and not just writers of Christian Spec Fic. Here we have things like a list of books which can be used to help a writer improve his craft, and a large article on how to get published. Jeff offers his editorial skills, and provides a tip of the week. (This week’s tip, #18, is about understanding Christian Publishing.)

This is also where I found my speaking eels. ‘Nough said.

Anyway, this site is fun and far-reaching. I suppose it would have to be the latter in order to truly have a title like “Where the Map Ends.”