Friday, October 5, 2007

Forgive My Inanity


That was just too cute. And it makes sense. I say silly, inane things. I am often near a cat. Like this one, who is now learning how to help me sew.

Sewing Suzy

Please excuse the lack of much content today. The piece you see pinned out and being cut in the above picture is for a Ren Faire costume. We are going to Faire this weekend. Saturday, to be precise. Which means I don’t have much more time to sew. As in, whatever I can get done tonight. AFTER a dinner out with M’s dad. Yipes.

(Yipes isn’t at the dinner. It’s at the time left…)

Distracted Pattern Guard

My own fault. I didn’t start sewing until Wednesday night. But then, he never did tell me what he wanted me to make him. So I finally gave up and just started throwing fabric at patterns to see what would fit.

Today, to fill the space, we also have a Friday Fiver:

You bet your life it is

1. What’s your favorite cereal? ~dunno… Honey Bunches of Oats is a good one.

2. What is too gross to eat in the morning? ~steak. Seriously. That’s a dinner food, lunch at the absolute earliest.

3. What time do you go to bed? ~way too late, usually. I should be going to bed at 10:30 (or earlier) to get enough sleep before work. But it’s been more like 11:30… midnight….12:30…. um. Yeah.

4. Where do you put your keys? ~in my pocket. Or on my dresser. Or in my purse. Depends. When are we talking about?

5. What vegetables do you love? ~many of them. Especially cooked carrots and corn on the cob. And boiled veggies that go with corned beef & cabbage (including the cabbage). Yum. Oh, and salads are good too. And perfectly steamed broccoli or green beans or squash. Better to ask what vegetables I don’t like: brussel sprouts and eggplant. Ick. Keep them away from me.