Friday, October 12, 2007

Orient Express

Orient Star 03

So, I discovered another forgotten finished doily not long ago. I had even previously blocked it, and everything. All it lacked was a post, some love, and a home. So here’s a post for it.

Orient Star 01

This is the “Orient Star” doily from South Maid’s “Special Doilies For Special Times” booklet. I crocheted it at least a year ago - I’m guessing it was finished in 2005. I remember making it, but I have no idea what I was doing at the time I worked on it… Ah well. That’s what Ravelry is for, right?

Orient Star 04

Suzy, as always, was interested in what I was doing. Never a dull moment in the life of a cat… there’s always something to sniff, something to investigate. In this case, it was a dragon figurine. And, for Charlie, this time I took a picture of the bottom of the figurine, too:

Book Wyrm

See? A Book Wyrm! It fits me perfectly. This particular one was a gift from my dad last Christmas. Isn’t he great? Knows how to treat a daughter.

I also have been working on the Hot Cocoa Socks again, but this post is already picture-heavy so I’ll write about those later. Maybe Monday. Now that the socks have come out of time-out, I will be working on them some more… I really do like the yarn (KnitPicks Essential) and the needles (KnitPicks Harmony Wood) and so might be knitting them more than the Mangotini socks. (Poor Mangotinis on poor mistreated Addis… I think my tension is fairly tight. The needles have been bent quite a bit due to the way I hold them…)