Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Circ of Her Own

Remember when Suzy wouldn’t stop playing with my Addis? Well, I found a way to get her to stop. Give her a circ of her own.

Suz With Circ 03

It’s actually not an Addi Turbo, nor is it a full circular needle. It’s one of the cables from the KnitPicks Options set. And before anyone gives me a funny look, let me explain. This one was damaged. (Before Suzy got it. Honestly.) The threads on the cable weren’t good: one side was too big and wouldn’t fit in the tip, and the other side was all chewed up so that nothing would screw onto it. I asked the KnitPicks people if I should send it back, but they said to destroy it and they would ship me a new set. They did (very prompt service - I love them) and so I figured that giving the old cord to Suzy was as good a way to destroy it as any. And it keeps her away from my knitting.

In the progress news, my Lotus Blossom tank is the WIP that shows the most forward progress. It looks great so far, though I am slightly concerned that I didn’t order enough yarn. I’ll just cross my fingers and proceed. (I loved math as a kid. But knitty math and I don’t seem to get along as well.)

Lotus Blossom 04

Lotus Blossom 02

I’m using my new KnitPics Harmony wood tips on the interchangeable circular needles, and I love the feel of the wood. Same nice point as the Options needles, but with the warm, more organic feel of wood needles. I am so happy with that purchase.

Anyway, about the tank - I’m a couple of rows away from being done with the first repeat. I left the sweater on the larger needles for a few extra rows since I’m going to be adding an inch to the stockinette section, and I figured that a teeny bit of extra room at the bottom wasn’t a bad thing. (If you’re not familiar with the pattern: you start on US 6 needles, then after 9 rows switch to US 5 needles. I waited until row 15 or so to switch, just in case.) I’m really loving the way it’s knitting up, and the way the yarn (KnitPicks Shine Sport in Hydrangea) feels as I go. And someone - I think it was Amanda? or Jessica? - mentioned not too long ago how huge sweater yarn feels after knitting exclusively socks and lace for so long. I must agree. It’s so nice to be working on a project with a more instant gratification! Yay sport-weight yarn! Just imagine how I’d feel about super-bulky yarn…

(Actually, I don’t really like super-bulky yarn. I’ve yet to find a pattern I like for that yarn.)