Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sounds Like Sci-Fi To Me

This is too bizzare: A brain-eating amoeba hunts in warm-water lakes. It seems that this critter gets up your nose along with a splash of water, and then eats its way up and into your brain. Being a single-celled organism, amoebas can be hard to detect. And it seems that there is little to no way to stop this guy once it’s made its way up your nose. After two weeks, you’re dead.

Plus, China has its own Loch Ness style monsters. They move as fast as yachts, have huge fins (or is it wings?) and live in a lake supposedly too cold to sustain life.

Right - so that was a different way to start off a Writing Wednesday: with story sparkers. Maybe I’ll make a habit of that? But that would require more research on a regular basis. Maybe I won’t.

Writing-wise, it’s time for more goals. I know, I didn’t actually indicate which of last month’s goals I accomplished. Based on that fact alone, you should know that they didn’t actually get finished, though they did get worked on. (Well, I did do the OWG goals. So that’s good.) Anyway. October goals:

  • Finish an outline for CP, which is being used for SHOMI and NaNo.
  • Post my chapter to the OWG.
  • Critique the chapters my group has posted in the OWG. (1 down already.)
  • Edit the chapter of the Naked Project that I’ve been assigned.
  • FINALLY finish the edit of AD for Phoenix.

I think that should do it. I’ve got enough NaNo prepwork alone to get me through the month.