Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, if I called the wrong number, why did you answer the phone?
- James Thurber

I think I have finally fixed my mistake with the Hot Cocoa socks, but we shall see. I’ve only gotten a couple of rows past the ribbing; there is still plenty of time to make more mistakes. Before I go into the mistakes I’ve already made, however, here is a cute kitty photo to cheer everyone up:

Olivia's Kittens

This is Olivia and her three kittens. Olivia is one of our “front-yard cats,” aka a stray who has adopted us because we feed her. Actually, her mother adopted us, and Olivia just stayed as well. We have since managed to catch and spay/neuter all except for one of the adult cats, and the three current juvenile cats, so that’s quite a relief. When you have in excess of a dozen stray cats that have attached themselves to you, it’s time to take action.

So anyway, Olivia and kittens are living in one of our bathtubs for the moment. Our two house cats (Suzy and Peekaboo) aren’t quite sure what to make of it, but since Olivia and her clan are quiet and not too disruptive, the house cats aren’t as upset as they could be.

Now… on to the socks.

Hot Cocoa Socks 03

This picture was taken shortly after I cast on the Hot Cocoas for the third time. I figured that if I took a sock-in-progress picture, they would be less likely to mess up. (Right? Please agree with me here…) This third time, I even did a swatch.

Hot Cocoa Socks 01

I had wanted to check my gauge, and play with the cable pattern a little. (Yes, I know, it’s a very small swatch. But I did one! Maybe the knitting goddess will smile upon me now.)

So, I’ve cast on again. I added some stitches because my gauge was off, and I’ve been concentrating on not holding my stitches too tightly so that the ladders between the needles - which is why I frogged it the second time - aren’t too noticeable. I had originally planned to do the body of the sock in reverse stockinette, because I think M would like the fabric better that way, but that made the ladders even worse. I think he will have to put up with having only the sole of the foot in reverse stockinette. Hopefully that will work.

Hot Cocoa Socks 02

Suzy is less than impressed.