Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lit Up

Well, I promised pictures, and so here are pictures. (Actually, I’ll spread them out a little, to make the post seem more balanced. Even though I’m only going to talk about the pictures up here at the top.) Also, Jess has a nice post on recognizing depression, and especially how depression affects writers. Go check it out.

Cabletini 08

This is my current sock-in-progress, the Mangotini (Wendy’s Cabletini pattern). I thought it was cute, and to go with the name I managed to find a martini glass. (Okay, so it has a candle in it. So sue me. Just be glad the candle wasn’t lit… Hmmm. Seems like some candle maker has a punny sense of humor.) This first sock is up past the heel, and fits me lovely. So I guess I get to keep the socks, after all! (I had worried while knitting it up… cable patterns always make a sock scrunch in and look funny.)

Anyway. On to the writing content.

It is the first Wednesday of a new month, so that means writing goals! Here is what I would like to get done during September:

  1. Finish critiquing AD for Phoenix.
  2. Do a minimum of two (2) crits for my OWG group.
  3. Post my own chapter to the OWG for critiquing.
  4. Get most of the preliminary worldbuilding done for CP. (”How much is that?” Well, enough so that I can do #5.)
  5. Write line-for-scene index cards for 50 scenes (for CP) and put them in an approximate outline.

Now, I realize that is more writing work than I have done all year. However, I need to get this outline done before I can write the novel, and I need to write the novel before I can polish it, which needs to be done before I submit it for the contest… Etc. And I do fully realize that numbers 4 and 5 might get carried over into October’s goals. But my goal for November is already set: to complete as much of the first draft of CP (which needs to be 80-90,000 words) as possible, with a minimum acceptable level of 50,000 (to “win” NaNo).

Cabletini 10

I am hoping that I can easily get back into the swing of things. Though with as much going on in life as there is currently, it will take quite a bit of determination and will power. I know I am capable of it. Let’s see how dedicated I decide to be.