Wednesday, September 19, 2007


So, I need to stop procrastinating. I have been building a language, which is cool and was not - originally - procrastinating. But the language is now built, with the exception of a few words that I just haven’t figured out yet, and I haven’t moved on. It is time for me to keep going, and to work on the plot again.

In the meantime, I have been also working on crochet and knitting. Knitting is common around here, but crochet not so much. And yet, when I was in college and doing exclusively cross stitch, the first other textile craft I picked up was crochet. I fell in love with thread crochet especially, and have made many doilies in my life. (A few blankets too, but not with thread.)

doily mosaic

One of the doilies that I made a while ago is the daisy doily pictured above. I made it for my mom one Christmas (I think). It was at least 7 years ago. Beyond that… no idea. But it was fun, and I might make another one, perhaps with a light green in the center instead of yellow.

Hedgie & Daisies

This doily has been loved, and was recently discovered to have been cat-fuzzed. It was in major need of re-blocking, and since I hadn’t ever taken a good photo of it, the time had come for that as well.

I also had recently found an abandoned doily in the WIP basket. It looked sad and unloved sitting there all alone, with no other crochet projects to keep it company… so I finished it. The Berka Blues doily was cast off a couple of days ago, then blocked, and was unpinned last night. It turned out quite nicely, I think.

Dragon on Doily

Also, Friday marks the end of the Summer of Socks. So, I have been working on my Mangotini socks. I think that I should easily have sock #1 of that pair finished in 2 days. (I could cast off now, but I want it a little longer.) At any rate, 3 socks (not 3 pairs - just 3 socks) in 3 months is slightly faster than I normally knit. I credit the patterns. Both Monkey and Cabletini (link is a pdf) are fun patterns to knit, and make the stitches flow.