Friday, September 21, 2007

Of Packages and Socks

So, I’ve had a package-y week. Since last Saturday, I’ve received a package a day (not counting Sunday) for several days. It’s been great. One thing that’s not in the mail on its way to me that I wish was is a black kitty t-shirt. I might have to actually go to Target and see if I can find one. (And it’s all Chris’ fault! She made me want one!)

I got fiber, I got jeans, I got yarn & new Harmony needles. (I think I got something else, too, but I forget what.) But - the new stuff!

Mosaic 04

I got a shipment from KnitPicks, prompted by the new Harmony wooden needles and the fact that I’ve wanted to get some solid color sock yarn for some time now so that I can try some of the smaller cables in a yarn that will show them off rather than competing for attention. So, the yarns pictured above: Essential sock yarn in Cocoa (ready to become a pair of Earl Grey socks for M), Shine Sport in Hydrangea (for a Lotus Blossom tank sweater from Interweave Knits), the Essential again (with Suzy) and Gloss sock yarn in Woodland Sage for a pair of Bayerische socks for me. Fun fun fun.

I’m looking forward to knitting all of that up. So much so, that I’ve already cast on the Earl Grey (henceforth known as the Hot Cocoa socks, due to colorway) and have been swatching for the Lotus Blossom.

Lotus Blossom 01

I’ve also finished one of the Mangotini socks!

Cabletini 11

So that means my sock totals for the Summer of Socks is a whopping **drumroll** 3 socks! (Not 3 pairs of socks. Just 3 socks. 1.5 pairs.) Not nearly as impressive as Wendy’s 19 pairs, or Deb’s insane sock knitting for the 52 pair plunge, but still. That’s a sock a month. And that’s faster than I think I’ve knit socks before. So it’s still something nice.