Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Around the Blog ~*~ 3/14/07

In lieu of any actual content (though I have decided to start writing RS and see where that gets me) I post here for your reading pleasure a brief snippet of the goings-on elsewhere around the blog-o-sphere…

Hanna caught the TV remote in her teeth. Kait is back from Hawaii. PBW hasn’t been seen since Friday, when she posted a turnabout, Holly Lisle is taking a breather, and Romancing the Yarn has met the sheep.

Mim is sick, the lady of the Crystalline Cave is having trouble with authorities (hah, made you look!), and Spincerely has been hijacked by cookies. The Little Dudes Wrapped Around My Finger are too cute! LesleyW has joined BlogLand. And good news! LA has stepped back into her hell!