Monday, March 26, 2007

Getting Dizzy

Ah, Dizzy-Land. The Happiest Place on Earth.

Fireworks Spectacular

One of my favorite places to visit.

I spent so much time on the CSFF Blog Tour last week that I didn’t end up having time for any Disneyland stories. Wow, I’m long-winded, especially when it comes to books. I haven’t even mentioned my latest travel-knitting, either. (I’ll hopefully have a picture of that tomorrow.)

So… stories. The trip was great, with lovely weather. M and I went down separately from the rest of the group, because we couldn’t get quite as much time off of work. But it worked. On the first day - the day we drove - we stopped in LA for a bit, went shopping along Melrose, looked at a bunch of guitar shops (I LOVE listening to him test out guitars/basses… gives me shivers), and ate at Tommy Burger. Chili-cheeseburgers. Yummy.

We made our way down to Anaheim, where D-Land is, had a quick dessert with the fam in Downtown Disney, and then headed to M’s cousin’s house where we got to play with their dog and avoid paying huge hotel prices. (Thanks, guys!)

The Castle in Springtime

The next day, Disneyland.


M & I spent time doing our own thing for the beginning of the morning, partly because I didn’t want to go on “Small World” with the Little One. But we met up with everyone else not too late in the day, and went on various rides, took pictures, and enjoyed ourselves. We saw the parade along Main Street. At night we headed over to DCA (Disney’s California Adventure) and watched the Electrical Parade, then ran like mad people back to Disneyland in order to catch the fireworks. (Awesome show. And yes, I took that picture.) The area in front of the castle (prime fireworks-viewing area) was pretty full, but I wandered around behind M, looking pitiful and one of the park workers took pity on me. When he found out that only the 2 of us wanted to find a spot to watch the fireworks (the rest figured that Little One wouldn’t like the noise) he found us a great spot. Couldn’t have planned it better if we tried.

It was a great trip.