Thursday, March 8, 2007

Squared Off

Mitered Square Tank 06

It’s done. The Mitered Squares Tank Top is all knit, including the I-cord for the tie. And I just barely had enough yarn in the variegated blues to make the cord the length I wanted, so I’m happy with the results. The cord isn’t really long enough to tie into a bow in front, but it holds well enough that I may choose to not tie it at all. We’ll have to see. It’s quite likely that being on an Actual Person will pull the fabric in different ways than being on a dressmaker’s dummy.

Mitered Square Tank 07

This was actually mostly enjoyable to work. There was only the lag in the middle of the project, when I’d done a few rows of the squares and there was no foreseeable end in sight. That’s one problem with knitting tons of little squares: it has the same “when will I be done with this?” feel that crocheting granny squares has for me. The good thing is that, by nature of the mitering, the knitted squares are already attached, and you only have to worry about ending the row once you get to the end of it - rather than like in crochet, where each square starts in the middle and works its way out.

The problem?

Mitered Square Tank 08

There are still a bunch of pesky little ends to weave in. They can be nicely camouflaged on the dummy, but I can’t wear it like that. (Not that the weather is quite warm enough to let me wear it yet anyway, even in Sunny California. Soon, though.)