Friday, March 23, 2007

Week 12 ~ Double Vision

Week 12 ~ Mar 19-25, 2007

Double Vision
by Randall Ingermanson
(Christian speculative fiction)

I've been talking about this book for the past week, so I'm not going to say anything new here. But it's a good book, a little heavy on the religious aspect for those who don't like religion in their fiction. It's not overly preachy, though. It almost seems more preachy than the Frank Peretti book I reviewed earlier, however, because in the Peretti there were angels and demons as characters and so I expected more of the spiritual from the human characters. In the Ingermanson, however, there is no obvious divine presence - only what we have in the real world - and so it seems a bit more out of place to me. Perhaps because I hang out with people who behave differently in their exhibition of faith.

Anyway, it's an enjoyable book. The suspense aspect of it ramps up toward the end, but is on the slow side at the beginning. And the romance part (which some are labeling it) needs to be taken with a grain of salt in this day and age - think Christian romance, and you've probably got it. Expect straight romance and you'll be disappointed at the end. (Not a bad thing. Just something to remember when you develop expectations.)