Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Double Trouble

I found out yesterday (by surfing among the other bloggers in this Tour) that Randy Ingermanson isn’t just the author of DOUBLE VISION. He’s also the Snowflake Guy. This is very cool, because I’ve read his Snowflake method for writing before. But I didn’t get the association with “the guy who wrote this month’s blog tour” until someone else smacked me over the head with it. (In the nicest possible way, of course.)

I am not sure that the snowflake method will work for me. It might. It might not. I am not sure because every time I have found it, I haven’t been able to spend the time to work up a brand-new idea and see how it goes. I’m always busy working on an existing project, and don’t want to stall on the current WIP to plot out a new one. Actually, I just realized that I could use the snowflake to test out RS’s plot. It’s a very vague plot right now. And so what if I already know the characters? That’s not a bad thing, is it? Besides, as Randy says at the top of the snowflake page:

Frankly, there are a thousand different ways to write a novel. The best one for you is the one that works for you. In this article, I’d like to share with you what works for me. This page is the most popular one on my web site, and gets hundreds of page views per day, so you can guess that a lot of people find it useful. But you may not, and that’s fine by me. Look it over, decide what might work for you, and ignore the rest! If it makes you puke, I won’t be insulted. Different writers are different. If my methods get you rolling, I’ll be happy. I’ll make the best case I can for my way of organizing things, but you are the final judge of what works best for you. Have fun!

And anybody that’s willing to do that - FOR FREE - is okay in my book.

But back to the book. DOUBLE VISION is really a cool book. I love the way it ends - and while I can’t tell you anything about the ending for fear of spoiling it, I can tell you that the ending fits the entire tone of the novel. And it fits the “Big Brother is a Bad Guy” attitude that one of the main characters starts out the story with.

Now, maybe it’s just because I’m an aspiring writer too. But for me, anything that had to do with Keryn (the mystery novelist main character) and her writing was just classic. From the opening hook where she hashes out how to kill off the “designated corpse” to scenes where she says that - if this was a book - she would want to strangle the author with the mouse cord… Just priceless.

We’ll keep discussing DOUBLE VISION for the blog tour tomorrow. And at that point I’ll get back to the Christian aspect of it.