Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Fiver & Rubber Band Ball Update

Friday Fiver: The Interweb

1. What web browser do you use?
Mostly Firefox.

2. What email client do you use?
heh… Yahoo, GMail, and MS Outlook (for work)

3. What type of Internet connection do you have at home?
a slow one.

4. What kinda of computer do you have?
Me personally? Well… that gets detailed. I have:

  1. a Dell laptop
  2. a Mac G3 desktop
  3. a random PC desktop that I built myself about 7 years ago
  4. sort-of a Mac PowerPC that I sort-of have and sort-of gave to S

(and I want a new MacBook… they’re so pretty!)

5. When did you first get ‘online’?
Long, long ago. At least 15 years ago, on CompuServe. I don’t remember details. Heck, I have trouble remembering what I had for dinner last week. Give me a break.

Rubber Band BallAnd now for the update (as requested):

The rubber band ball was used as a team building exercise in our company-wide end-of-quarter meeting. A bag of bands was passed out, and each employee took one. Then the ball was passed around, and we all put our rubber bands on the ball. At the end of the meeting, the ball made its way back to the CEO, who then added his rubber band, bounced the ball, and said how, when we all work together (bounce), we can do great things (bounce). But separately (and here he took off his band), we don’t bounce (splat).

It was fun.