Tuesday, March 13, 2007

In Which We Refocus.

BookAnd I try to remind myself that I want to be a writer. And that to be a writer means to actually write.

And not just on here.

I think that one of my problems is having too many projects going all at once. I have ideas in my head that have yet to make it to paper, ideas on paper that need more research before I feel comfortable or competent writing them, and ideas already on paper that need more work.

And I am having problems focusing on any one of them.

So I knit, or I read, or I do any number of things that are not writing.

Yet I want to be a writer.

I think that I have many options, but one is the most appealing right now. The options that I see working for me are these:

  1. Research police work for S&A.
  2. Research Germany for RS.
  3. Worldbuild ITF.
  4. Worldbuild CP.
  5. Write any of the above without the prep work.
  6. Edit SS again.
  7. Quit.

That last is not really an option. Well, it is an option, but one I refuse to consider.

The one I like the best is just writing. Maybe if I get back into the SS characters for RS, I will come up against what I need to research in pieces, and it won’t seem like such a daunting task.

Besides, I miss them. I miss writing about the budding romance and the self discovery.

I miss writing.