Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Big Blanks

... as in, big blanks of time left unaccounted for. Big blanks of blog quietness. Big blanks when it comes to cool, catchy blog titles.

MS3 04

I have spent the whole beginning of this week sick. Believe me, I would rather have been at work, and here on the blog, sharing with you all the joys of the weekend. (There were several, even though I was sick, and would have been more had I been well.) But no, I was in bed, probably with the flu. Not fun.

Friday was fun, though. After the show closed, several actors and techies dressed up in Harry Potter Quidditch team robes and went to the Book 7 launch at a nearby Barnes & Noble. (I didn't order my book there, FYI. I got mine at a local book store.) It was lots of fun. Pictures will be posted tomorrow.

MS3 05

Saturday was all Potter, all day - until the show (closing night) which went really well. Both show and book were fun. (Throwing up after the adrenaline of closing night wore off, not so much.)

Sunday should have been fun, as it was cast party day. Instead, I stayed home sick. So very sick that I didn't even consider cracking open my book to finish the Deathly Hallows until about 8:30 at night. (Yes, I'm done. Yes, I liked it. Yes, I have issues with some parts. No, I will not tolerate un-announced spoilers in comments.)

MS3 06

I didn't feel like knitting until yesterday, either, which is another measure of how sick I was. When I did finally knit, though, I got Clue #1 of the Mystery Stole finished. (Finally.)

I am really loving this knit. The yarn is okay, not as great as it could be but still nice enough. The beads are fun, even if the holes aren't entirely even and so some don't fit on the crochet hook. (Thank you whoever posted the idea about the twist-tie as an alternate beading tool.) And the lace pattern is so much fun. I love the way this is turning out. Love love love.

MS3 03

Now let's just hope that there are no more big blanks for a while. I really don't want to relapse.