Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 7.19.07 (#1)

Thirteen Reasons for Joining Thursday Thirteen

  1. I'm a sucker for lists.
  2. it gives me more guaranteed content.
  3. 13 is a good number.
  4. Jess is doing it. (all her fault)
  5. I'm a joiner.
  6. To prove that I can. (Was thinking that I couldn't come up with enough interesting '13's every week.)
  7. Must. Write. Something. (As in - it will make me do more than say, "No content today, sorry. Brain is stuck.")
  8. Musicals. (Jess' fault again.)
  9. Why not? I can always stop if I get bored.
  10. I am bored, so I might as well do it.
  11. Low resistance when it comes to shiny things.
  12. Dragons. (It's Joely's fault, too.)
  13. MEMEs of any kind have a huge appeal for me. I like comparing my results to other people's, and yet this one still leaves lots of flexibility and creativity. (Though on slow brain days, expect me to steal borrow other people's ideas.)