Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Picture Perfect

Here is my start of the Mystery Stole #3. But my progress is currently considerably less than this picture shows, as right after this I noticed an error in the lace. I tried to fix it the way I have gotten good at fixing Icarus, but this pattern is a bit more complex lace. And so I messed it up, the "fixed" mistake looked worse than the original mistake had, and I frogged the whole thing.

Anyway, the stole:

MS3 01

MS3 02

This one is a close-up of the beading. I had planned for sparkly beads of a uniform color, but these called me. Matte beads in various shades of blue and purple. Lovely. Should give the stole an overall impression of color without actually providing much color. Plus, they're fun to work with.

And the Mini Monkeys:

Mini Monkeys 07

Progress is being made. Slower than the socks started out, but that's due to lack of time and not lack of interest.

I have more pictures, but I've hidden them to make the page load faster. If you want to see the rest, click the "read more" link.

Mini Monkeys 09

Mini Monkeys 08

Baby P's Blanket:
Baby P Blanket 08

Hard to see progress on this one. But I'm at 7 inches now. (Well - in the picture. In reality I'm at about 9 inches. And it doesn't look much different.)