Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Fiver 7.27.07

Friday Fiver: Beyond the pale
1. Favorite pastry?
Austrian. Pretty much any kind of Austrian pastry. I took a trip over there in 2000, and the bakeries are the part that I miss the most (but it was quite an amazing trip, and I'm glad I went for more reasons than the pastries).

2. How do you like to waste time?
By surfing the net, these days. (If I'm near a fast connection.) Or by playing computer games, watching movies, or knitting. (Not that knitting is a waste of time. But I will knit even when I have more important things to do, merely because I don't wanna to what I'm supposed to do.) Or reading. Ditto the not wasted time bit.

3. How would you describe your complexion?
Asian with freckles. Essentially.

4. What do you hang on to that you should really get rid of?
Very little. I try to keep only what I really need or want. Things that no longer have meaning or are broken beyond repair I try to get rid of. Anything else that I currently have and need to get rid of, I have put out of my mind so as to not have to get rid of it. =)

5. What is the last thing that made you hurt?
Being sick earlier this week. When you throw up too much, your throat gets raw.