Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Blow-up Bunnies!

…and chicks, and eggs…

Easter Blow-ups

They make everything inflatable now. It’s just downright silly.

I wonder if I’ll get any strange hits on searches, with that title? Or because of movie searches, since I have news about my Blood Diamond socks.

Blood Diamond Socks 05

Sock #1 has been cast-off. Yay! I made a comment to Mim about how I bought a pair of Chacos, too, and this is a big part of why: showing off the hand-knits. Must have something to wear with hand-knit socks, no? Yeah, I thought so too. (They’re also darn comfortable, but that’s another matter. We’re talking knitting now.)

I made the same oops I always make, though, and didn’t make a stretchy enough cast-off. It fits my foot, but it’s a good thing I was making it for me and not for someone else, because I’m not sure it would fit the other people I might have been deciding to gift it to. And it barely goes on. I’m thinking about undoing the bind off and re-doing it, though since I’ve already cut the yarn that would mean the silliness of adding more yarn just for the BO row. It might be well worth it, though. I’ll decide after knitting sock #2.

Blood Diamond Socks 06

I do like the finished sock. Though, this shot shows it a bit washed out. The color is really much more vibrant than that.