Thursday, April 12, 2007

Week 15 ~ Lirael

Week 15 ~ Apr 9-15

Lirael (audio-book)

by Garth Nix (read by Tim Curry)
(fantasy, YA fiction)

*Please note that this is a review of the audio-book only. I am not critiquing the book version here.*

I’ve had Lirael recommended to me before, and I thought I’d try it. I also thought that, since I like YA books on audio, and since Tim Curry is a good actor, that the audio version of the book would be a good one to try. I was wrong.

I think that the book itself might interest me. There are some neat ideas in it, and I remember thinking that I could like the title character. The problem I had, and the reason I couldn’t finish even disc one of the audio book, was that Tim’s voice didn’t match the story for me. Listening to the narration parts was great. Wonderful. His voice is so expressive that he can tell a story well even if you can’t see his acting.

But. Then we got to the dialogue between young girls. And, unlike some of the male readers I’ve heard, Tim doesn’t do little girl voices well. Many times I had to back up the CD to try to hear what the characters said because I was too busy sniggering at the way they said them. I couldn’t take the title character seriously with the voice she was given. And so I gave up on the audio-book.

I will try the story again. But I will be reading it for myself, rather than listening to it.