Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Week 17 ~ Night Echoes

Week 17 ~ Apr 23-29

Night Echoes

by Holly Lisle
(romantic suspense, some paranormal)

This is the fourth of Holly's paranormal romantic suspense novels, and probably my second favorite of the two. (Last Girl Dancing is almost definitely the favorite. And they are not really related to each other, so do not have to be read in order.) It has a better (IMO) paranormal slant than the others, with a haunted house and a form of reincarnation as a large plot motivator. Very well done, however, and as real-feeling as some of the non-fiction things you read about haunted houses.

As to the romance angle, I like the way the reincarnation angle adds to the attraction factor. I tend to get sick of the romance stories that seem to have no explanation for why the hero ends up with the heroine. The ones where everything about the hero is manly and ruggedly handsome, and the heroine is ravishably gorgeous, and they have nothing in common. As a contrast, this plot has Holly's trademark dose of realistic characters, and the romance works really well for me.

And the writing? I love Holly's style. I think this is one of her best written books. (She only gets better with time.) So I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. Go. Read. It. Great novel. Plus, the cover's pretty. Smile