Friday, April 20, 2007

Crafty Quickie & Around The Blog

I had planned on doing the Friday Fiver today, but the questions they have all relate to the incident at Virginia Tech. And while I am greatly saddened by what happened and wish that it hadn't, I do not feel like speaking of it right now, nor right here.

And so I am not doing the Friday Fiver.

Which means I have no planned content.

But, I can't leave you with nothing! So, I'll give you a quick update of my craft projects, instead. If I'm feeling ambitious, I might also add in a tour of the blog-o-sphere.

  • Icarus: is progressing. I am down to the last few rows of Chart #1 before I get to move on to the more intricate and less repetitive Chart #2. I am very much looking forward to this.
  • M's Tofutsies socks: have reached the heel. By the time I am finished with my lunch break, they should have progressed past the heel and be pausing for a fitting (to make sure that I don't need to re-do the heel placement).
  • My Blood Diamond socks: are paused while I do the heel on M's first sock. Once the heel is safely turned on the Tofutsies, then I will pick back up with the second Blood Diamond.

Around The Blog ~*~ 4/20/07

Oh, what the hey. We'll do a quick look at the blog-o-sphere too. Why not?

Brigitte's Little Dudes have a new castle. Imbrium has a sock problem. The Harlot does audio, PBW is sick of punny vampires, and Romancing the Yarn is giving away sock yarn. Hanna does a book review. Kait doesn't wanna facebook. Fluffy Knitter Deb loves grits and kitty Tivo. And Mim is mad. The Molecular Knitter (from Davis, no less! Go Ags!) gets hooked. Eunny has Spring Socks. Wendy plays with words, Grumperina makes many coasters, and FyberDuck is low.