Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Week 16 ~ Return of the Guardian-King

Week 16 ~ Apr 16-22

Return of the Guardian-King
by Karen Hancock
(fantasy, Christian allegorical)

This is the fourth and final book in the Legends of the Guardian-King series. Since it was the book-of-the-month for the CSFF Blog Tour, I picked it up even though I hadn’t read the rest of the series. As a result, I was a bit confused about people, places and events that happened previously in the series. For much of the early part of the book, it didn’t cause too much confusion, but by the last third, I felt like I was in quite a bit over my head. From what I can tell, the plot points that had been tentatively wrapped up in previous books were being firmly sewn up and drawn to a conclusion, but since I didn’t have a reference for them, I was a bit lost.

I was still able to enjoy the story, however. It was told well, with a good blend of action and description that kept my interest. The characters had depth to them and felt like real people. (As a side note of interest, I had more emotion invested in Trap and Carissa, the secondary couple, than Abramm and Maddie, the main characters. I suspect this is because of where I came into the story, but it could also be that I empathize more with the secondary characters than the main ones.)