Monday, April 2, 2007

New Arrival

I have a new kitty! I’m calling her Suzy. She’s 8 months old, and was a rescue kitty. Her previous family abandoned her at a local cat rescue/feral cat care organization called Town Cats, and when my family saw her they knew she was what I needed. (I didn’t think I’d be able to get a cat, since I’m not living on my own. But if they say so, I’ not arguing!)

Day One 1

Getting cat pictures all by oneself is not the easiest thing with a friendly cat.

Day One 2

They tend to want to be pet, and not pose for pictures.

But, she eventually let me get one that sort-of shows her off. She’s a Lynx Point Siamese, though since she’s a rescue kitty we obviously don’t know details about her breeding. Not that I care. She’s the sweetest thing, and loves attention.

Day One 3

The minute she notices that there’s a person in the room with her, she starts purring. And rubbing. And asking for love and attention. It’s no hardship giving it to her, either. I spent enough time visiting with her this morning that I was almost late for work. But she’s worth it. She’s a love.

I have stash enhancement photos to post too (that’s yarn pics, for you non-knitters) as well as WIP shots. But those can wait for tomorrow or the next day, since kitty pictures are so much nicer.

Day One 4

Hope your weekend was a good as mine.