Thursday, April 26, 2007

In Which Knits Have Minds Of Their Own

Have you (my knitter friends) ever found that your knitting projects take on lives of their own?

I have.

Today, for example, my Blood Diamond sock decided that it wanted to be photographed outside my work, so that it can become a traveling sock.

Blood Diamond Socks 08

It didn’t care that the photo would show the bruise on my thumb where I squished my finger a few weeks back while working on my bike. It didn’t care that the pictures taken by the camera on my phone need touching-up afterwards in order to truly resemble the things they are pictures of.

It had been reading about The Yarn Harlot’s traveling socks, and it wanted to be a traveling sock, too.

And then there’s cats. They also have minds of their own. And said little minds decide that yarn is cat toys, regardless of the fact that cat claws send poor laceweight yarn into mindless gibbering fright (which causes the knitter to mess up the pattern).

Suzy On Bed 02

But Mom, why are you playing with a ball of yarn if I can’t play too?