Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Buried Eggs

Hanging Eggs

Easter 2007. On the beach. Absolutely lovely.

Beach 4

There was an egg hunt on Saturday morning. I didn’t have any kids with me (I don’t have any, and none of the kids with the group I was staying with had arrived yet) but it was still amusing. There were two sections for the egg hunt, 5 (years-old) and under, and 6-12. The 5 and under group had a circle marked out with about 2,000 eggs just dumped in the sand. The 6-12 circle had the same number of eggs, but these were buried in the sand. A few peeked out here and there, but mostly it looked like sand.

Beach 1

After five minutes, the egg hunt was over. Nearly all 4,000 eggs had been found.

It was insane.

The beach cleared out some after that, but there were still more people than we really wanted to share it with. We spent a leisurely afternoon doing not much of anything, but enjoying it, and then had a BBQ (oysters* and tri-tip and salmon) for dinner.

While the food cooked, we watched pelicans and seals (and/or sea lions; hard to tell them apart from a distance) and dolphins near the pier, eating anchovies. It was a very relaxing - and much needed - day.

Beach 3

*Believe it or not, this was the first time I had eaten oysters. They were actually pretty good, too - though I’ve been told that’s because they were cooked with lots and lots of garlic butter…