Monday, April 16, 2007

CSFF Tour: Return of the Guardian-King

Well, I normally try to do a bigger write-up on the first day of the CSFF Blog Tour, but as I am still home recovering from an allergic reaction to a medication, I will be posting just the basics today. I have an actual review of the book itself, however, which will be posted (probably) tomorrow. Thouhts, prayers, and cookies for my continued recovery are appreciated. :)

This month’s CSFF Blog Tour focuses on Karen Hancock’s Return of the Guardian-King, the final book in the Legends of the Guardian-King series. The links in the previous sentence will take you to her website and the book’s page, or you can go here to see Karen’s blog.

Here is the list of my fellow blog tour participants. Hopefully one of them will have something more interesting to say today:

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