Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Project Polygamy

Day Two 4
Hi there! Mommy said I have to learn how to pose all cute for pictures…. how’s this?

Hope no one minds “baby brag book” style photos of Suzy for a while. Because I’m going to post these whether you like it or not. How could I resist?

I am awful when it comes to project monogamy. I now have three knitting projects on the needles (Icarus, the Blood Diamond socks, and some socks for M that I cast on today at lunch), one doily in my WIP bag that I forgot about until I went searching for a crochet hook (for a provisional cast-on for the new socks), and several stories. Plus scrapbooks, various articles of clothing, and a quilted square that will eventually be a potholder if I ever get it finished. Makes me tired just thinking about how much time I’ve put into each project - and how much MORE time each will require to be finished.

Ah well. It keeps me happy, right?