Thursday, June 7, 2007


Elephant Statue

There are times that I feel sorry for animals in captivity. It's not the way they were supposed to live. It's not natural.

But then, we don't live in the way we were naturally supposed to, either. We cage ourselves in little metal boxes or a bit bigger wooden boxes, and we perform tricks. We run mazes, just like the mice do.

We jump for the shiny red ball, too.

Dolphin 01

My mom, however, reminded me that these animals are doing an important job. They are being ambassadors, teaching us often silly humans. Reminding us that we share our world with other creatures. Beautiful and intelligent and wonderful creatures.

Orca 02 Elephant 01
Tiger 01 Lorikeet

We don't usually give enough thought to animals. Many people think that they are beneath us, and not worth spending time or money on. I know that most of my readers disagree, at least to an extent, because so many of you are cat lovers. But if this is an issue that is truly important to you - if you are concerned at all about the state of our wildlife and the incredible variety of creatures that lives on this planet - I urge you to say something. To get the word out.*

To remind others that we are not alone. And that we have a bigger job in this life than just getting a bigger car, a better house, a larger paycheck. We are supposed to be Stewards of the Earth.

It's about time we acted like it.

Dolphin 02
So long, and thanks for the fish!

ETA: I just saw on the I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER site that the ban on elephant ivory trade is going to end on June 15th. There is a petition going around to get a new ban in place. Please, please, PLEASE alert people to this! We don't need luxury items that needlessly cost such magnificent creatures their lives. (Knit with luxury items instead, since they are harvestable without killing the animals! =) )

The petition is here: Humane Society Petition

*Feel free to link to this post, and to use the public pictures in it, if you do choose to help me spread the word.