Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Things I have learned about being tired:

  • You can keep going. Even when you think you can't.
  • Your attention span wanders off when you least... oh look! Chocolate!
  • Sweets are saviors. So is caffeine.
  • Your body will eventually give up. Don't be behind the wheel when it does. (No, that one is not from first-hand experience.)
  • It's really funny to watch yourself get punchy from lack of sleep.
  • Knitting while tired is taking a big risk.
  • Writing while tired is only amusing if you're not trying to make sense.
  • Drink water, and drink lots of it. It's easier to stay awake when you have to pee.
So. Not a long blog for today because I'm tired. (If you couldn't guess.) We're into Hell Week now, and boy, is it ever. We didn't leave the theater last night until 11:45 or so. And we weren't the last ones out, by a long shot.

We'll see how I'm doing by Friday, when the show opens. I'm not worried about the show itself, because I will have a big adrenaline rush for it. But work that day before the show... heh. Could be awfully amusing.

Suzy is very confused why her person isn't home to play with more often. On top of that, her back-up people (aka the rest of my family) aren't there on a predictable schedule, either.

Attack Cat 03

It turns her nice ordered world upside down. (Now, just as long as the food doesn't stop coming...)