Monday, June 18, 2007

FO: M's TOFUtsies Socks

The TOFUtsies socks are done!

Tofutsies Socks 12

Unfortunately it was hard to get a FO picture of them, because I had a most unhelpful sock model.

Tofutsies Socks 11
Tofutsies Socks 10
Tofutsies Socks 13

M likes them, however, and thinks they’re special. I hope they wear well. I’ve been told that this particular yarn washes nicely, and only gets softer with use. I hope that’s true, even though it’s quite a nice fabric straight off the needles.

And this does mean I’m not knitting socks at the moment! Ack!

Don’t worry. New socks will be started on Thursday, when the Summer of Socks officially starts. I will be starting with Mini Monkeys (Cara’s modification of Cookie’s Monkey socks) in either LL’s Shepherd Sock (Black Watch leftovers, to see if I have enough for a pair) or in more of the TOFUtsies (but on dpns this time). Sounds like fun.

And in the meantime I am knitting a baby blanket for a friend. More on this tomorrow.