O Lord, help me to be pure, but not yet.
~Saint Augustine

If you take the above quote to mean something along the lines of “faithful to a knitting project” instead of fickle, then it certainly applies.

I did a very silly thing yesterday. I signed up for the Mystery Stole 3 knit-along. I don’t need to do another major lace project right now. I haven’t even finished my current major lace project (Icarus). It’s not like I’m unpleased with Icarus, either. Quite the contrary. I love knitting that shawl. (Perhaps that is why I am planning immediately to knit another? Because I am so happy with lace knitting?)

But there it is.

However, I promised you information about the blanket for Baby P.

Baby P Blanket 01

This is the start of the blanket. It’s knitting up fairly quickly, too - I suppose that’s what happens when you’re used to lace weight or socks. Regular yarn seems to fly through your fingers.

I’m knitting the Elegantly Simple Baby Blanket in Lion Baby Soft yarn. (Nursery Print colorway.) The baby’s going to be a girl, but the mom isn’t too keen on pink, so I settled for white yarn with pink (and blue and green) speckles. The pink stands out more than the other colors, so it gives the overall impression of slight pinkness.

Baby P Blanket 03

That’s the update for today… now I must get back to work (and Ravelry) and Music Man stuff.

Have a great day!