I had a fun weekend. We went visiting lions and tigers and dolphins, oh my! (Pictures of that to come later in the week.) And we (M & I) went to a hula-themed party. Just good, basic fun. I hope your weekends were good, too.

Suzy Leid 04
I can hula, Mom! Watch!

(She got that on all by herself. I promise.)

Suzy Leid 01
*munch* Oooh, yummy - Technicolor flowers! *munch*

I also bought and made Birthday Blog Bash prizes, which was a bunch of fun. I didn’t take full, easy-to-see pictures, since I want the prize recipients to get a little bit of a surprise, but I did take a few art-type photos of them. (Though I was having an argument with my camera, and so that photos aren’t as art-y as I had originally wanted.)

Contest Gift 01

Contest Gift 02

Contest gift 04
The prizes all ready to go out in the mail…

I also, while I was at it, made myself some stitch markers and bought myself some new yarn.

Stitch Markers 02

Stash 05

It was a good weekend. Now let’s hope the good-ness continues through the week to come.