Monday, June 11, 2007

Yarn Camp

Just a very quick post today because I have a lot to do at work and a big headache is bugging me.

I’ve been working on the second of M’s Tofutsies socks. And when hedgie saw the picture of the otter sleeping bag I was making, he decided to try and make something fun out of the current socks.

Tofutsies Socks 08

Maybe a tent? This is one of the things I have discovered about Tofutsies yarn. I need stickier needles with it. However, the gauge does change when using metal and bamboo needles, so I can’t use dpns for the second sock. I can, however, use dpns for the HEEL of the second sock. And it works so much nicer.

Tofutsies Socks 09

I think the sock works better as a canoe than a tent.

Oh! Don’t want to forget to mention this - I got my Ravelry invitation! Yay! I’m on there as bookwyrm if you want to be my friend.

That’s all for now. Going in search of Advil.