Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday Snippets: the Introduction

Well, I think I figured out where I went wrong before when trying to start up Friday Snippets. If this post stays up, we'll know that I got it to work. Because if I don't get it to work, I'm taking the post down just like I got rid of the previous non-working Friday Snippets post.

FYI, Friday Snippets was started up by Holly Lisle as a way for writers to share with each other. This is meant to be a fun thing, and no pressure or requirement. For me, it's partly a way to get initial feedback from a wide variety of people and partly a way to enjoy my writing.

This is the prologue for my current main WIP, code-named SS. It's in 2nd draft form at the moment, which means it's anyone's guess what the final (and hopefully eventually published) version will look like. I'm starting with the prologue; seems like a logical place to begin Friday Snippets. From here on out (assuming this works) I may jump to favorite scenes in no particular order.

This material is copyrighted by the author (me). It is in draft form, will possibly be cut from the final version, and is probably still buggy. Do not quote or repost it anywhere or in any format. Thanks.

SS: Prologue

He stands at the slot machine, pretending to read the pay table but really watching her as she prepares to leave. Her shift is over, she is going home, and his chance has come. His chance to make the Master happy.

He tries to decide how to approach her.

He could introduce himself, but he will have to make up a name. He doesn’t remember his name. And then he will have to remember the made-up name.

No. That is too complicated. He does not need a name.

He will just follow her.

And the other servant of the Master, who waits outside in a car, will follow him, and together they will grab her.

This time they will get it right. The Master will have no reason to punish him.

She leaves, slinging her large purse over her shoulder as she walks out the front entrance. He follows, one of many vacant-eyed gamblers down on his luck. Her auburn ponytail bobs ahead of him.


She is the right one.

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