So yesterday was not a good day. Headaches (mine) and car accidents (not mine) and just general unpleasantness. Hence, no blogging was done. Many apologies, but sometimes life gets in the way. When it does, I try avoidance techniques. Advil, knitting, and music usually do it. (Good thing I have a new toy to assist with that music stuff.)


I love it. I love Apple products. Yay!

Onto the Writing stuff:

There’s really not much to report. From my goals, I have gotten my OWG post up. That’s the only thing that’s complete so far. The Music Man will be onstage by the end of the month, whether I like it or not, so that will be complete. The rest, though? Depend on how TMM goes. But I do have 2/6 chapters on The Naked Project complete, and the Tofutsies socks are going along swimmingly. Icarus may or may not reach the edging by the end of June. I’m just glad that I was reasonable and didn’t put any actual writing goals for this month, because I don’t think there’s any way I’ll be able to get that done just now.

I’ll distract you from my writing (non)progress with a cute Suzy picture.

Suz Eating Keys
Hey, Mom! I have your keys! Let’s go somewhere, huh?