It got late (in the day) and I still haven’t posted. Oops.

Porch Kitties 03
(kitty pictures make everything better)

That’s mostly because I don’t know what to post about today. The Friday Fiver questions didn’t work for me today. (They mentioned Aldous Huxley in the title, and then I couldn’t think of my answers to the questions because I was thinking about Brave New World.) I don’t have hedgie vacation pictures yet. I don’t have FO pictures yet. I don’t have progress on my writing projects since yesterday. I don’t have new Suzy pictures.

How sad. The beginning of a new month, and I can’t think of what to say.

Niffy in Tent
(with no other worthy content, how about kitty picture spammage?)

That’s an old picture of my sister’s cat in one of the display tents from Target. But it works so well as a kitty tent! Suzy needs one. Ah well.

Day Two 3
Mom. Get me a tent.

Have a great weekend!