Friday, June 22, 2007

Monkeying Around The Blog 6.22.07

First thing's first. IT's THE SUMMER OF SOCKS! YAY!

I started a new pair of socks yesterday, using Cara's modifications of the Monkey socks. Here is what they looked like before I went to bed last night:

Mini Monkeys 02

I'm using the rest of the TOFUtsies yarn left over from M's socks, and when I run out of that I have another whole skein to start. I love the way the colorway is behaving completely differently in these socks than in M's socks. Those striped. These are more of a random mash & pooling. I LOVE THEM! And the Monkey pattern is great. Thanks, Cookie!

Mini Monkeys 04

Now for around the blog...

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER iz goin' 2 Hogwarts. (Or they were. But it's too cute to pass up.) Bridget's mad at yarn, and Gandalf finds fun "hiding" places, while Sian's planning a trip across the pond. Imbrium loves stinky sheep fur, Amanda got the birthday blog contest prizes I sent her, and Holly Lisle is now having a sale on print versions of her writing clinics (through Sunday only; sorry for the short notice).

Grumperina plays with photoshop and bags and Lesley posts a wish list of upcoming books. Crys gives her opinions on Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Fyberduck tempts us all with the Tour De Fleece. Romancing the Yarn is loved in Australia (and in print, no less!), the Guinea Pigs are happy, Mim (and I) loves Firefox, and Chris has more neat vacation pictures. And DeeAnn and Phoenix are still MIA. :(

Plus, here are Fellow Summor-Of-Sockers:

  • Zarzuela, who started it all
  • Wendy, who will undoubtedly knit more socks than me
  • Meg, my blog reader
  • Tienne, who always knits lovely things

Have a good weekend!