Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Brief Pawse

I know that I'm waaaay behind Brigitte and Chris on this one, but when they posted paw pictures I didn't have a cat to take paw pictures of. Now I do. So here they are.

Paws 02

Paws 01
such a cute widdle paw!

She was trying to help me knit, however. Which meant very little progress on my part, and very much playing on hers. I did get a few more inches on the baby blanket since the last photo...

Baby P Blanket 05

I think I'll be able to get it done by the time the baby's born. (At least I hope I will.) I still love the pattern. And even thought I think I've flubbed it a time or two, I can't tell where. So I doubt Mrs. P will notice, and I know Baby P won't.

Baby P Blanket 06
Look! Isn't the pattern great?

Suzy didn't like me ignoring her to photograph it, though. Just like she didn't like me ignoring her to knit it. She tried to eat my hand, the yarn, my shirt, my elbow, my camera... But she's so cute. Who can get mad at her?

Close-up 01

Not me.