Friday, August 17, 2007

FO: Baby P's Blanket


Baby P Blanket 13 - complete

Baby P's blanket is done! And, as far as I know, Baby P hasn't arrived yet, either. So I'm very happy. The blanket isn't as long as I had intended, but it's done. Maybe I'll use some of the extra yarn to make socks or a hat or something.

Baby P Blanket 14

I had meant to knit this longer, but I finally decided to do a marathon movie-knitting night (knitting while watching The Mummy... very amusing night) and just GET IT DONE. So, when the movie was over, I cast off. And I am very pleased. I think it turned out lovely.

Baby P Blanket 15

And just to show how far I got before throwing it into the sink to wet-block it... Just over 2 feet, all pinned to shape. (I'm not measuring it after taking it off the blocking pads. As far as I'm concerned it's over 2 feet. So there.)

Baby P Blanket 16