Monday, August 6, 2007

Sunshine and Mondays

So, it's Monday! Yay! (Only yay because I have plans for this weekend. Not because I am particularly fond of Mondays.) I actually got a fair bit of knitting on Baby P's Blanket done over the weekend. Look!

Baby P Blanket 12

18.5 inches, or thereabouts. Plus I'm on to the second skein of yarn. So hopefully that means that I will actually get this thing completed near the time that I want to give it to Mama P. *sigh* But it also means that I haven't touched my other knitting, like the Mystery Stole, or the Monkey socks, or my poor neglected Icarus. (I'm thinking of finishing Icarus before I finish the MS3, merely because it's been on the needles the longest and I feel sorry for it. Also because I want to use the bag that Icarus is in for the MS3, but I'm not kicking Icarus out before it's done.)

And hey! Look what arrived over the weekend!

Stash 26

Stash 29

Presents from Barbara of Romancing the Yarn. Remember the Yarnapalooza drawing I won? Well, this is what arrived in the mail for it. Yummy Spunky Eclectic yarn, which is handpainted sunny goodness. And some fun Trekking XXL, which is yarn I've been wanting to try and yet haven't ever actually bought. So yay! Someone else bought it for me!

I'm looking forward to knitting that into something nice for me for the summer of socks. But I don't know that I will even finish the Monkey socks before the summer of socks is actually over, so that's sadness.

Yet I can't end my post on a sad note. So... one last picture of sunny yarn to make you (and me) happy!

Stash 28