Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Writing Weds: 8.1.07

So we'll start today with a couple of pictures, for prettiness' sake. And then, below the "read more" cut, I'll put the writing content. Just because.

Garlic Festival Earcuff 2

Garlic Festival Earcuff 1

This is a set of ear-cuffs I bought at the Gilroy Garlic Festival this past weekend. I like them bunches. (I'm not sure I'm sold on the extreme ear closeup, but it does show the cuff nicely.) They're shiny. And have green beads. I couldn't resist them.

So... August's goals. I'm actually going to set these goals for only the first two weeks of August. Around the 15th (mid-month, plus a Wednesday; how convenient!) I will reevaluate those goals and see where I stand.
  1. Edit up to page 100 of AD for Phoenix.
  2. Work up a line-for-scene for the entirety of SS (preparatory to doing the Major Edit I've been procrastinating).
  3. Do two (2) critiques on the OWG.
  4. Post my own chapter on the OWG.
And that's it for now. These may or may not all get done in the first two weeks of this month, as there is a vacation scheduled in there too. And I'm not listing knitting content, because - as the post title suggests - this is a writing post. I don't think I'll bother with knitting goals sheets anymore. Crafts will get done on their own time...